How to Exclude Paths in McAfee Antivirus?

McAfee antivirus is the most widely used antivirus software available. There are numerous options available into McAfee which helps the users to safeguard their devices and protect them from any security threats that may be encountered. Apart from that, there are certain features available which let the users make sure that the safety of the data and security of their identity is safeguarded at all times. McAfee scans your entire system of files for any threats like Trojans, spyware, malware, spamwar, ransomware, rootkits, bots, etc. There are a large number of malicious programs that roam the internet and hence it becomes necessary that you have McAfee antivirus installed on your device. Having antivirus software works a great deal that helps the users to get protection from the latest threats.


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There are a lot of users and security experts all over the world which helps to get information about any threats and then appropriate methods are devised to secure your data from any such threats. These are then sent to the devices in the form of updates. These then help you to remove the new malicious files. McAfee antivirus deletes the malicious files. In some cases, you may feel that some files are not malicious and feel the skip such folders from scanning those so that you may not get irritated by the notifications and that you may not lose it accidentally. This can be done if you exclude such paths in McAfee antivirus.

Steps to exclude paths in McAfee antivirus:

It is quite an easy task to exclude paths in McAfee antivirus. Just go through the steps mentioned below and then you can achieve this feat quite easily.

  • Open your McAfee antivirus program and then select the “VirusScan” console.
  • Right click on the On-Access Scan menu and then left click on the properties tab.
  • Go to All processes > Detection > Exclusions.
  • Click on the Add menu button.
  • Browse to the file/folder that you want to be excluded from the scan.
  • If you wish to exclude the subfolders tick the check box Also exclude subfolders.
  • Finally, click on the OK button.

After the successful completion of this step, the files/folders added to the exclusion folder list is not scanned and is excluded from doing so.

If you come across any security problems on your device or some other problems related to McAfee, just give a call on McAfee antivirus support phone number and get the problem fixed by the experts. 24*7 support is provided to ensure timely resolution to your problems.